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Own a piece of training history! This package includes reproductions of two of Don Kirkpatrick's transparencies that he used in dozens of keynote presentations during his career. It also includes an 8x10 photo of Don. 


Don Kirkpatrick Commemorative Package

Copy of the Kirkpatrick Model transparency that comes with the Don Kirkpatrick Commemorative Package Copy of the Requirements for an Effective Program transparency that comes with the Don Kirkpatrick Commemorative Package

“Hundreds of thousands of trainers use Don Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation worldwide. Rich in simplicity, brilliantly practical, Don’s Four Levels are as relevant today as they were a half-century ago when he first introduced them.

Does that mean that the Father of Learning Evaluation has been sitting back resting on his laurels? Oh no! Even though the Four Levels were nearly perfect at their inception, over the years, as the field of training evolved, so did Kirkpatrick’s model. The evaluation guru honed his expertise and modernized his evaluation model to a smooth step-by-step process worthy of the best 21st century trainers."


Elaine Biech
Business of Consulting, Training for Dummies,
ASTD Handbook for Workplace Learning Professional

A Few Words from the Late Don Kirkpatrick

“I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to help so many training professionals over the last five decades. Thank you for your support of the Kirkpatrick Model. I hope you are successful in applying these principles.”

Donald L. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

Commemorative Package Specifications
     "The Kirkpatrick Model" overhead transparency
     "Requirements for an Effective Program" overhead transparency
     8x10 color photograph of Don Kirkpatrick

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